Monday, June 16, 2008

Petrol price and the drama in Malaysia. WHAT I WANT ?

Much have been discussed regarding the Rm0.78 increase in petrol price since it was announced by our prime minister on June 8 2007. That was probably the last day you saw the petrol stations displayed a figure of RM 1.92 per liter. I was one of the Malaysian who waited in line to fill in my tank. I was fortunate enough to get the news of the price hike about 5.15 pm, therefore I rushed to the station nearby, I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I got to hold the nozzle to fill my tank up.

Before we go deeper into this affair, let’s just take a few moments to observe this information below.

Malaysian price of oil compared to other OIL PRODUCING countries:

MALAYSIA - RM2.70/litre

UAE - RM1.19/litre

Eygpt - RM1.03/litre

Bahrain - RM0.87/litre

Qatar - RM0.68/litre

Kuwait - RM0.67/litre

Saudi Arabia - RM0.38/litre

Iran - RM0.35/litre

Nigeria - RM0.32/litre

Turkmenistan - RM0.25/litre

Venezuela - RM0.16/litre

We often hear statements’ from the government saying our price is already cheap compared to other nations. Why on earth do you compare to nations that don’t produce oil and say ours is cheaper ? look at the information above, we are on top of the list of oil producing countries. MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!

Reflection time, Looking back at Anwar’s day from 1990 to 1998 as the Ministry of Finance. Our fuel price remained stagnant, RM 1.10 per liter. There was a time where the government increased by 3 cent, but eventually pushed back to its original price due to complains. Today, the oil price stood at RM1.92 per liter. I don’t want to praise Anwar for that matter, but he really did a good job.

Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has accused the government of being ‘stupid’ for repeatedly saying that our new petrol retail price of RM2.70 is low when compared to other countries in the region. “As a raw oil producing nation, Malaysia should be compared with other oil exporters I AGREE.

Second dissatisfaction, PETRONAS. It was reported that Petronas made RM45.4 billion sales of crude oil from 192.4 million barrels. To whom these crude oil belongs to? Yes, you and me. Picture this, you stay with your siblings in a house full of antics. You brother and sister sells these antics but the profit never got to you. Some of the profit goes to the beautification of the house. Question, do you want to look good and be poor or look bad but rich? Neither is good. We want balance. So if Petronas gets richer, who/where does it go to?

How much is the RM 625 per year subsidy going to help the public .My car, Proton Iswara 1.3 (M) needs RM 120 for a full tank now when it use to be RM 85. An individual like me who travels a lot, I need one full tank a week. The calculation goes –

One full tank RM 120 x 4 weeks = RM 480.00 a month.

Rm 625 ( rebate ) / 12 months = RM 52 a month.

RM 480 – RM 52 = RM 428

Now it is RM 428

Before it was RM 340

I LOOSE RM 88 a month

I think its high time we have our check and balance system in our country. Pak Lah is doing ‘great things for this country’. He knows that by increasing the petrol price he is just going to create a chaos in the country, and tell me I was wrong, we saw many people complaining and even a small protest. Since when Malaysia started having protest ? since Pak Lah took over. Since when we had such drastic fuel hike ? since Pak Lah became the finance minister. Since when the cost of living started booming ? since Pak Lah became the prime minister. Since when…….. im sure I can go and go, but there no point talking about a leader who is power crazy, he knows people don’t want him anymore, yet, today’s paper reported he wants to defend his UMNO Presidency post.

Im just another Malaysian who just cant accept the fact that im paying RM 2.70 for a liter. But i want something out of complaining and writing about this matter,



That’s the only way the government can win my heart again on this matter.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Orange Blast 2008

On 21st May 2008, Corporate Communication Strategies students of School of Linguistic Infrastructure and Liberal Studies (SOLILS), KLIUC organized an event, Orange Blast 2008. The event consists of an exhibition, a talk and a dinner. The exhibition was from 9am to 4pm, in which we exhibited the Kancil Award Materials courtesy of Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia. After USM, we are the second institution in Malaysia that was given the honor to exhibit the materials. A talk, entitled, the future of media in Malaysia was delivered by our prominent tv host, Mr.Suhaimi Suliman who is attached with Astro Awani at the moment. As the educational element was already taken care of during the day with the talk and the exhibition, it was time to have a little fun as well. Palm Garden Resort, witnessed our grand dinner to mark the closing uf Orange Blast 2008. I gave my opening remarks for the event and hit started dinner. We had our own ban that performed, our own students that sang and a choir by my classmates.

As the project director, I could only smile and breathe when it was 11pm on the 21st, and I patted my self, saying, ITS ALL OVER.

I must give credit to my team member’s who gave me their undivided support in making this event a success. As the wise saying, organizing events like this bring you and your friends closer, I must admit its true. It showed me what a true friend means and also showed me how much I can trust people in life.

A good learning process, that’s something that every one of us would say as the experienced gained from this project, is something that I wouldn’t trade for.

Hope all of us can emulate this success to another event in the upcoming semester.

My Opening remarks for the night

My classmates and I performing our choir

The Exhibition

Mr.Suhaimi Sulaiman and I after his talk

The main board of Orange Blast 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008


International Conference on Infrastructure Development (InCID) was a conference organized by Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College. This two days event was one of the program planned in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary celebration. Themed “Ensuring Sustainable Nation Building for The 21st Century and Beyond” this international conference focused on the importance of sustainable nation building in various fields.

For those of you know me well, I’m sure it is lingering in your mind, why is a communication student involved in an Infrastructure Seminar? That’s precisely what all the 10 communication students who attended the seminar had in mind. We had our briefing on Monday, and the tentative program of the seminar was given, and all I could do is, nod my head and say, I’m going to waste my time over there. True enough I didn’t gain any valuable experience other then getting closer with my friends who participated.

To justify why I said that this conference wasn’t my ball game, tell me how you expect a communication student to understand and enjoy topics like “land development and technical difficulties”, Fatigue Performance Analysis of Flat Steel Box Girders” and many other ridiculous papers to my eyes and ears was presented. So how can I be wrong by saying this seminar was hopeless to me?

As for the management of my college that made it compulsory for selected students to attend regardless of your course background, I only have one thing so say- “ Thank you for giving me the chance to experience a seminar that to me was a FAILURE.”. Not many participants, hall filled with the college staff, forcing your own student to attend the conference to fill in the empty chair, forcing all lecturers’s to attend the opening ceremony.

The wise saying, “experience it the word every man gives for the mistake he has done”. I’m positive that our management will say it’s a learning experience. I would like to challenge the management, till when are you all going to keep saying that you are learning?

Stop wasting money on things that you know its beyond your capability to organize, instead, channel the fund for student project’s, and support student projects in college.

Despite the boredom that I had, my course mate’s and I enjoyed taking picture’s. Here are some of them for your pleasure of viewing…

The Machos..

Fasha and I....

Presenting on my topic.
The 'Uncle and Auntie's...'
Trying to concentrate during the conference...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Parliament sessions on TV

Parliament sessions telecasted live on tv – that was the headline few weeks ago. The statement or move by the government took a bump last week when the first ever live telecast brought more negative then positive feedback.

“ Bigfoot, Big Monkey” were some of the words uttered by our MP’s. Many say is immoral, rude, wrong influence and so on. Critics also says that this is a wrong example of Malaysian. The very next day, our Information minister, Datuk Shabery Cheek said that his ministry will review the decision to telecast the parliament session as there are many complains.

Point to ponder, were Malaysians ignorant for the past 50 years that they didn’t know their MP’s attitude ? I still remember watching Parlimen hari ini on RTM1 at 11.30pm on weekdays. A short review on what happened during the sessions, and since then, the MP’s have been like that. So why now make it such an issues saying that its not proper to telecast it?

The Parliament never once had more then 18 MP’s on the opposition bench, and this session, we have 80 plus. Does this prove us that our former leaders were in their comfort zone all the while so much so what the oppositions said wasn’t taken into consideration?

Are our current leaders who are sitting in the parliament is finding it difficult to face 80 faces who is always on alert to shoot them?

The credibility of our MP’s is questionable now. I feel that our ruling government is finding it difficult to answer all the questions, and failing to answer those questions from the opposition bench, it will only bring their dignity and pride down. I would personally say that the opposition bench now has more learned MP’s compared to the ruling government’s side.

Personally, the sessions should go on as planned, let the rakyat know their representative well, let them know how good are they as that will only benefit the rakyat in deciding who to vote in the 13th general election.

To the BN MP’s try hard to refrain yourself from your harsh words, and to the BA MP’s, all the best in showing the rakyat what are you all made of.

Blogging World.

After many year’s of reading and condemning people’s blog, I finally decided to start blogging. No specific reason to why I started now and not before. My fellow good friend, Ms.Jessica Kan is the one who always inspires me to blog and I always refused, but as the saying, time changes people, now I have begun.

Naming my blog was the first obstacle that I had, I couldn’t name what I planned, so I had to choose another, and thanks for my friend Ms.Jalwati a.k.a cendol, she gave me an alternative which I thought was cool..

About me, known as Nambee to many, im currently persuing my Diploma in Corporate Communication at Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College(KLIUC).

Born on 12th Jan 1988, the eldest among 3. Hope to be in the political arena in future. Love’s to serve the community. Enjoy hanging out with friend, surfing the web and chatting as well.

That’s all for this introduction post.

Cheers !!